Fields of application

  • Metal industry
  • Railings and gratings
  • Small metal parts
  • Any metal surface

Metal sandblasting

Specific surface cleaning and paint preparation treatments

We perform sandblasting treatments of metal surfaces with high quality professional results in order to clean metals from traces or residues of rust, oxidation, paint and other substances and as a preliminary operation to subsequent industrial painting processes. In fact, the combination of sandblasting and powder coating guarantees the best results in terms of durability and resistance of finished products and is an indispensable metalworking operation to remove impurities before other treatments or finishes.

Industrial sandblasting machines for metal surfaces

Dafer has two professional sandblasting plants that use the latest technology to achieve the highest quality standards. Our sandblasting machines for industrial use allow treatment to be carried out on any manufactured part, calibrating the sandblasting process to the specifications of each piece depending on its thickness, shape and size.

Industrial sandblasting: process and results

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