Fields of application

  • Luxury cars
  • Automotive
  • Steel components
  • Iron surfaces
  • Small parts

Cataphoresis painting

Anti-corrosion surface treatments on metals

Dafer offers its customers cataphoresis painting treatment on steel, iron and other current-conducting metal elements or manufactured parts, carried out with epoxy or acrylic resin. Cataphoresis-coated products are characterised by improved and prolonged protection against chemical agents, corrosion and rust, as well as improved adhesion of finishing paints, and the quality of the treatments performed is certified by salt spray tests.

Cataphoresis plants in the province of Sondrio

Dafer proudly relies on the reliability and decades of experience of its partner, Cataforesi Srl, based in Valtellina in the same area, to carry out cataphoresis treatments. The company has two high-tech cataphoresis plants, which allow it to carry out preliminary operations on the materials to be treated, from pickling to phosphating, and to customise the entire process based on customer specifications and the characteristics of parts, with particular expertise in black cataphoresis metal painting.

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