High-quality professional industrial painting

Treatments on metal with guaranteed results

Powder coating systems for painting metals of all kinds, with careful surface preparation for better yield and longer life.

Cataphoresis treatments on iron, steel and other alloy surfaces with two high-tech plants for highly rust and corrosion-resistant paint results.

Industrial sandblasting treatments on metals for surface cleaning and in preparation for subsequent painting processes, using professional sandblasting machines.

Fields of application


Luxury cars

Gas and systems

Marine and boats

Urban furniture

Metal industry


Have a look at our best achievements

These are just a few examples of the metal machining and treatments we have performed for our customers over the years: discover our concrete applications and projects, all under the banner of maximum quality output.

I nostri clienti in tutta Italia

Since 1994 in the province of Sondrio

Thirty years of experience, state-of-the-art equipment

Dafer is a centre specialising in the treatment and painting of metal surfaces in the province of Sondrio, with customers throughout Lombardy and neighbouring Switzerland. We guarantee professionalism, competence and reliability, proven by decades of experience in the sector, and extremely high-quality results certified by rigorous control tests.

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