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The historic painting company of Valtellina

The history of Dafer began in 1994 in Dubino in the province of Sondrio, between Lake Como, Valtellina and Valchiavenna. Initially, the business consisted mainly of painting small parts and small components and involved a small number of people, but it soon experienced rapid expansion: in 1999 the company moved to a new industrial warehouse in Mantello, also in the same area, installed a new painting plant and acquired more important customers from different industrial sectors, from furniture to cosmetics, increasing the quality of its work.

Dafer today: metal painting for industrial use

The company has continued to grow over the years, further expanding its workforce and production space to more than 30 employees between office and production, 2000 square metres covered and the same number uncovered, in order to efficiently meet market demands and maintain the high quality standards of each project.

Dafer is now an important reference point for metal painting, sandblasting and cataphoresis treatments, a service introduced in 2008, for automotive, gas and other industrial manufacturers in northern Italy and Switzerland.

square metres of surface area
industrial painting plants

Sustainable paint: reducing environmental impact

Like all industrial sectors, the metal surface treatment industry has been called upon in recent years to confront the issues and urgencies of environmental sustainability.

For some time now, Dafer has embarked on a journey to make processes and workmanship ever greener, moving towards choices that safeguard the planet: the use of tested powders that cook at lower temperatures, the rejection of harmful or potentially carcinogenic products, the use of recyclable and reusable packaging to reduce paper and plastic waste and the strict disposal of waste in accordance with the law all are moving in this direction. Further optimisation of production cycles from a sustainable perspective is currently underway.

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